Enjoying the Visual Splendor and Timeless Designs of India at Home

Enjoying the Visual Splendor and Timeless Designs of India at Home

Many of the best known designs of India have ways of seeming especially welcoming and meaningful. Art from the many disparate schools which make of these traditions crops up again and again across countless different environments and parts of the world.


Mandala Bedding that includes beautiful designs of Indian origin, for example, has been a staple of home furnishing now for many decades even for those who live far from that vibrant country. As those who visit Zen Like Products for details online will see, there are many interesting and appealing options to look into and explore.


Designs That Speak to the Mind, Soul, and Body


One of the great triumphs of the various movements that gave rise to this huge family of designs is how they so effectively achieve such lofty artistic goals. The combination of warmth, complexity, and simple beauty that characterizes many such designs quite often makes an excellent fit for the goals many have when decorating their personal bedrooms. As those who learn more will see, designs including the following regularly feature on bedspreads and other items that find welcoming homes with their new owners:


Elephants. Stately elephants have long been admired for their intelligence, emotional sensitivity, and sheer size. Bedspreads and other items featuring towering, stylized elephants are some of the most popular among the many emanating from India today.


Buddhas. While zen wisdom prohibit the visual depiction of prophets and other holy figures, none of the major forms of Buddhism has ever laid down such strictures. In India, as in many other places where Buddhism is regularly practiced, the founder of this religion is regularly visualized in any of dozens of common forms and appealing forms.


Mandalas. A mandala is a geometric pattern that has been taken by some as a map to the innermost mysteries of the cosmos. Although there is typically a deep underlying significance to such designs, they have also been imprinted on utilitarian and domestic products for many centuries and are often found in such forms today, as well.


zen definition of Some Deeply Meaningful Traditions at Home


A quick visit online to learn about ZenLikeProducts.com will reveal that there are countless other options to look into, too. Those who do so will discover that there are a wealth of ways by which the major religious traditions of India can be respectfully leveraged to add visual interest and design depth to any home. For those to whom such art most forcefully speaks, products like these can be rewarding to own in many ways.

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